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Jul 31, 2018

In which you will learn:

  • Which scene you will be watching a whole lot more closely from now on
  • Some stuff about Elvish
  • A bunch of numbers and why they're important to the Lord of the Rings movies

Also - it's our ONE YEAR PODVERSARY!! Happy birthday us! And thanks for sticking around! Hopefully it's because we...

Jul 24, 2018

In which you will learn:

  • Which Tudor King was the offspring of Henry VII
  • Hopefully more than Jazz ended up learning
  • But also probably a hell of a lot more than you ever expected to learn about Henry VII


** Please note **

We had some unfortunate sound issues again guys. It's currently too hot in London to use our...

Jul 17, 2018

In which you will learn:

  • How to pick a good name for your wizard rock band
  • What Hogwarts: A History forgot to mention
  • Which wizards are the purest of them all

Jul 10, 2018

In which you will learn:

  • About the video game crash of 1983 that changed the course of video game history
  • Which Nintendo franchise is the most popular video game franchise of all time
  • How many Pokemon movies there have been

Jul 3, 2018

** Apologies for the less-than-pristine audio quality this week, lie detectors! We had our ghost passing through, corrupting files like he owns the place. I've cleaned it up as much as possible for you! **

In which you will learn:

  • A number of brilliant French puns mostly to do with chopping off heads
  • All about the...